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Soothing Bell

KoghanYogaCenter Courses

Each course is 2 weeks long

course takers will lodge in private dome houses on site

there is a 7 day gap between each course

Longi: starts --/--/-- ends --/--/--

Hanthawaddy: starts --/--/-- ends --/--/--

Dhanda starts: --/--/-- ends --/--/--

Min Zin (only applicable to students who have taken the other 3 courses) starts --/--/-- ends --/--/--

These courses are part of a Yoga School, each course comes with a certificate. 

Certificates are only gifted to students that have mastered the course (not given for participation).

Each Certificate allows the student to teach the subjects they have mastered at KoghanYogaCenter.

Upon receiving all 4 certificates and a blessing, the student is given a master's certificate allowing them to teach Koghan Yoga worldwide. 


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