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From Above

Koghan Yoga Center


David Martin

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Manzanillo Costa Rica

Tropical Beach


Less than a mile from the Caribbean ocean of Manzanillo Costa Rica resides an Outdoor Tropical Yoga Paradise.

Green Plants
  • koghan Yoga instruction for private classes (1 on 1)
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    1 hr 30 min
    15$ Bring a mate +5$
  • be here @7:25 if its not raining because we will go to the beach.
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    Mon1 hr 30 min
    10 US dollars


I had the great pleasure of joining Dave for Koghan Yoga Workshop. He is incredibly passionate about this practice and enthusiastic about sharing yoga with others. During  the session, I really appreciate how Dave used visuals, descriptive language and props to help practitioners learn alignment techniques specific to koghan, while also guiding us with breath work and meditation techniques and explaining their healing nature and support of chakra balancing alignment.  "

Melanie Gingerich

Tropical Leaves

Teachers Training Program

Learn Koghan Yoga, as it applies to the

Hanthawaddy, Dandha, & Longi Systems.

Instructed by David Martin

Located in Costa Rica

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